Reward for providing journalists with ‘No’ voter on Egypt’s constitutional referendum

A female 'Yes' voter wrapped in Egypt's flag as she waits her turn outside the polling station

A female ‘Yes’ voter wrapped in Egypt’s flag as she waits her turn outside the polling station

The media outlets union announced on Wednesday a $100,000 reward for whoever puts the union through to a ‘No’ voter on Egypt’s constitutional referendum.

The reward comes after journalists from different news services failed to find a single citizen who voted ‘No’ on the draft constitution. Continue reading

Coming this winter; the latest in the nationalism fashion line

egyptian-women-casting-her-voteEgypt’s patriotic nationalists announced the latest campaign in the fashion line; “vote yes on the constitution to prove you don’t want to see Egypt crumble”.

Patriotic nationalist psychiatrist/political analyst Manal Omar launched the campaign during her weekly appearance at the show of patriotic anchor Mahmoud Saad.

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On purse-mirrors, ice-creams and sweet-potatoes

Omar, shot dead

Omar, shot dead

The metro slowly came to a halt as we reached the ‘Opera’ station. The little girl gave out a loud, hysterical laugh as she tried to break free of her mother’s grip. The laughter intensified as her mother slapped her on the face. I was surprised to find the mother laughing too.

I remembered the time when I was a little girl, sobbing as my mother dragged me from my tiny hand around the club because she refused to buy me the helium balloon I fancied. All that this memory brings back to me is the intense feeling of humiliation I suffered as I pondered on the thought of being refused a wish; in front of the whole club.

How could this girl feel so at ease with her mother’s public slaps? I raged within at the question, soon to be interrupted by the entrance of some 12-year old boy into the ladies’ cart. Continue reading