Coming this winter; the latest in the nationalism fashion line

egyptian-women-casting-her-voteEgypt’s patriotic nationalists announced the latest campaign in the fashion line; “vote yes on the constitution to prove you don’t want to see Egypt crumble”.

Patriotic nationalist psychiatrist/political analyst Manal Omar launched the campaign during her weekly appearance at the show of patriotic anchor Mahmoud Saad.

“Even if the constitution currently being drafted doesn’t preserve any of your rights whatsoever, even if it’s a poorer version of the 2012 constitution you revolted against, vote in favour of this constitution,” Omar thus urged her viewers on Friday night. “Otherwise, you will be destroying the roadmap put forward by the armed forces and therefore helping the Americans, the Zionists and the Muslim Brotherhood achieve their goal of destroying Egypt!”

The campaign is expected to be the season’s sensation after the booming success of earlier campaigns falling under the same fashion line. Previous seasons saw the popularity of campaigns such as “say no to the Muslim Brotherhood, say no to terrorism”, “support the police and the army in the war on terrorism”, and the “human rights kill” campaign, which went viral with unmatched intensity.

The nationalism fashion line was first created by the nationalist and patriotic general commander of the glorious armed forces Abdel Fatah Al-Sisi who announced on 24 July that “Egypt is fighting a war on terrorism” and called on people to take to the streets on 26 July to “delegate the police and the army to fight terrorism and violence”.

Al-Sisi’s fashion line gained unprecedented momentum after announcing to Egyptians that they are “the light of [his] eyes” during the October war celebrations.

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