Egypt summons Saudi ambassador over Turkish Soaps

Turkish soap opera The Magnificent Century depicted the life of Ottoman Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent and attracted thousands of Egyptian viewers

Turkish soap opera The Magnificent Century depicted the life of Ottoman Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent and attracted thousands of Egyptian viewers

In an attempt to send a clear message to the Republic of Turkey regarding blatantly rejecting any form of interference in Egyptian affairs, Egypt summoned the Saudi ambassador in Cairo Abdel Aziz Qattan to warn him about suspending ties with the sisterly country should the latter not refrain from airing Turkish soap operas.

National Egyptian television channels set the trend by announcing boycotting Turkish soaps and suspending their broadcast of any drama series produced by the Middle Eastern country.

National independent and strictly patriotic CBC channel issued a disclaimer clarifying to its viewers that the two dubbed foreign series it’s currently broadcasting are both not, God forbid, Turkish.

Lara is a Croatian soap and the Princess of the Palace is a Brazilian one,” CBC said defensively.

Foreign ministry spokesman said the ministry couldn’t help but follow in the footsteps the channels’. “We told Qattan that should Saudi satellite network MBC not halt its import of misleading Turkish soaps, we would be forced to suspend MBC from the Nilesat and sever our ties with Saudi Arabia altogether.”

General Commander of the armed forces Abdel Fatah Al-Sisi had thanked Saudi Saudi King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud for vowing in a televised statement released on Friday that his country stands with Egypt against terrorism.

“However,” the foreign ministry spokesman said, “Saudi Arabia’s support is incomplete as long as they harbour such dangerous drama series on their channels and pay Turkey loads of money for their broadcast.”

The ministry spokesman explained that Turkish series captivate the minds of Egyptians, especially women, through the use of eye-candy and romantic metaphors.

“This captivation sells the idea of the ‘Turkish lifestyle’ to Egyptians,” the spokesman said. He added that such a grave matter makes Turkey capable of brainwashing all Egyptians into adopting the Turkish lifestyle. “This has clearly critical repercussions on the situation in Egypt since, needless to say, the Turkish lifestyle promotes Islamist political parties at the expense of the patriotic military.”

The spokesman said the Egyptian foreign ministry is currently spearheading a grand campaign to promote “national drama products” and help them swipe “Turkish drama” off the small screen.

“We have started a campaign called ‘Egyptian actors are more romantic than Turkish ones’,” the spokesman said, adding that the campaign is expected to swiftly pick up momentum, especially that patriotic and simultaneously romantic actresses such as Elham Shaheen and Nadia El-Gendy resiliently stand behind it.

On whether Hollywood products would also be banned from broadcasting in Egypt in light of the White House’s current anti-military stance, the ministry spokesman stammered before the telephone line broke.

Turkish drama has boomed in Egypt since 2008, when the highly viewed MBC network began broadcasting the romantic Turkish series Noor (Gumus), dubbed in the Syrian dialect. The series was the start of several bilateral ties between both states, which included heavy touristic cooperation and a huge fan base for Turkish male actors.


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